AfterX Internet Relay Chat Network

AfterX is a world-wide chat network which has many benefits to the other small and large IRC networks. All our servers have extremely fast connections, low downtime, and friendly operators just ready to help you. We provide registration for your nicknames and channels, to prevent other people from using them, a memo system, which allows you to leave messages for people who are not online and will receive them when they log back on. We have been in existence for almost 24 years, and we have been faithful to our users since day one.

To get onto our network, just connect to one of our servers with your favorite IRC client. To connect to a random server use irc.afterx.net

The main official channel of the network is #AfterX, and you can find some lively chats underway on just about any topic. Be warned that some of the chat can be of "adult" content - much of IRC is like this also. If you have any problems, you can try #AfterX-help where our staff will try and help you with any network-related questions you may have. If there is no response (everyone may be asleep or busy), you can leave a message in the channel.

Since rules are unavoidable we do have a few of them. To review the do's and dont's when chatting on our network type /rules in your IRC client.

Thank you for sailing AfterX, and we hope you enjoy your voyage!


Jan 31 2020

Minderasr Steps Down

After 14 years as chair and network admin Minderasr passes the torch on to gms. We are forever in his debt for keeping the network alive and will allways have an o-line waiting for him. Thank you Minderasr for your all you have done for us and the many years of dedicated service to the IRC community. 2006-2020

July 05 2004

Xnet.org becomes AfterX.net

XNet officially announces changing its network name to AfterX.net. After a majority vote the channel #Xnet should be made the official xnet.org channel, tk the current domain caretaker and current #xnet owner after it was passed on to him decided to hold the domain name hostage refusing to return it back to the commitee.

Dec 1997

XNet is born

Theoretically speaking, Xnet dates back to the late IceNet. Started summer 1996, IceNet had a peak of 15 servers, then collapsed August 1997, after all the servers went into chaos and delinked from each other. The night of the collapse, two servers - irc.dockernet.com and irc.webserve.net linked back together under a new name, Xnet. Since then, many more servers around the world have linked to Xnet, forming a worldwide global network.
(in case your wondering, the guy who made the name "Xnet" up was cha0s)

Getting Started


Connecting for the first time.

Before connecting to AfterX you will need to download an IRC client or use a webirc site like kiwiirc or mibbit.

Connecting to AfterX is as simple as typing /connect irc.afterx.net and then once you are connected type /list to see what other channels are avalible.


AfterX has awesome staff members...


Network Admin - AU


Network Operator - US


Network Operator - US


Network Operator - Netherlands



All our staff are freindly and aproachable. If you require help please see our #afterx-help channel. We live in different timezones so the best way to get help is to ask your question/s and then wait patiantly for a response. you might want to go and get a cup of coffee or get some nap time in and come back and check for any responses.