Welcome to AfterX


Welcome to the world of IRC, and in particular, the AfterX IRC network!.

To get onto our network, just connect to one of our servers with your favorite IRC client. To connect to a random server use irc.afterx.net

To connect to a specific region, in North America you can use us.afterx.net and in Europe eu.afterx.net

The main official channel of the network is #AfterX, and you can find some lively chats underway on just about any topic. Be warned that some of the chat can be of "adult" content - much of IRC is like this also. If you have any problems, you can try #AfterX-help where our staff will try and help you with any network-related questions you may have. If there is no response (everyone may be asleep or busy), you can leave a message in the channel.

Since rules are unavoidable we do have a few of them. To review the do's and dont's when chatting on our network type /rules in your IRC client.

Thank you for sailing AfterX, and we hope you enjoy your voyage!

Afterx Services


The network provides a number of Services to help make your chat experience fun and easy. For example, we use NickServ to "reserve" our nicknames so that someone else can't use it, and similarly for ChanServ with channels/rooms. MemoServ allows you to send a short message to another registered nickname if he/she is not on IRC at the time. In addition, AfterX also runs a HostServ module which provides our community with the ability to hide their IP address with a custom alternative (vhost).

To learn more about the available services, documentation is available here



If you require any help or assistance with any aspect of the AfterX IRC Network, the quickest and probably most effective method in gaining support will be by contacting one of our staff members while connected to the network.

You can often reach these people easiest by joining the #AfterX-help channel.